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9th Annual Rags to Riches Photo Contest (2017)

Page 1 of USA Only and Access to Page 1 of International Division

Produced and Sponsored by Double K Industries

View Entries Below
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Click Here for Entry Instructions and Judging Information

Jodi Murphy Melissa Verplank
Jodi Murphy

Jodi Murphy is a two-time Master Pet Stylist, a NCMG (National Certified Master Groomer) through the National Dog Groomers Association of America, as well as MPS Meritus (Master Pet Stylist Meritus) through the International Society of Canine Cosmetology. She is a multiple Best All Around and Best in Show
competitor. These titles allow Jodi to certify groomers to their master pet stylist status throughout the USA. She was a GroomTeam USA team member for four years and ranked within the top four pet stylists of the United States. Her popular web site offers competitively priced Instructional Grooming DVDs, Home Study DVD packages, Mobile Grooming Success Seminar DVDs, grooming apparel for every pet groomer looking for fashionable style, function, and long-lasting quality,
and select grooming tools and equipment.

Melissa Verplank

Melissa Verplank is a Certified Master Stylist with over 30 years experience in the professional pet grooming industry. In 2009, she operated three pet-related companies, a luxury boarding facility called
hiskers Resort & Pet Spa and two companies that are involved with educating the professional pet groomer and stylist; The Paragon School of Pet Grooming, Inc. and White Dog Enterprises, Inc as well as her products and services web site, In 2010 Melissa expanded her product line, with training to help business owners to “grow your own groomers” and she premiered an extensive, unique streaming video web site for groomers,, as well as her other two sites: and,

Sue Zecco

Susan Zecco is a Certified Master Groomer with both the National Dog Groomers Association (NDGAA) and the International Professional Groomers (IPG). She has been grooming for over 30 years, starting her business the Pampered Pet in Paxton MA in 1977. She began grooming competitions in 1985 and since then has won Gold, Silver and Bronze medals at Intergroom, multiple Best in Show, Best All Around Groomer, Best Scissored Dog, Best Groomed Poodle, and her biggest show accomplishments, International Groomer of the Year 1998, and 1999’s Oster Invitational Tournaments Grand Champion. Sue is also the very proud recipient of the 1998 and 2000 Cardinal Crystal Achievement Award for Groomer of the Year, and the 2002 Cardinal Award for Grooming Contest Judge of the year, along with the 2004 & 2005 Cardinal Award for Congeniality. Sue has been a
member of GroomTeam USA since 1997, and broke all records in 1999 earning more points than anyone in past years at 113.

    The GroomerTALK™ Message Board is your best source for current information on active or upcoming Rags to Riches Contests or visit the Double K Industries website. Thousands of dollars in cash and prizes are awarded each year. The contest welcomes groomers worldwide.

Entries Start Here

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Groomer Names Shown After Winners Are Announced

A Message from Double K Industries

Voting by Groomers is Conducted at the Double K Website

Please note that there were changes in the Top 10 Domestic Finalists and the International Top 10 Finalists for the Rags to Riches 2017 Contest on 6/29/17. Two entries in the Domestic Top 10 and two entries in the International Top 10 were disqualified because the same dogs were submitted this year as were submitted in a previous year’s contest. The Rags to Riches rules state “any groomed dog/photo entry submitted in any previous grooming contest is not allowed to be entered in this contest.” The 4 replacement entries were collaboratively selected by Double K and

USA Contest Entries 1 to 50





1 Delilah, Pennsylvania View
2 Deacon, New York View
3 Lizzie, Washington state View
4 Lil' Sprout, Pennsylvania View
5 Baxter, Michigan View
6 Skuttle, Pennsylvania View
7 Nickki, Ohio View
8 Molly, Florida View
9 Samy, California View
10 Jovi, Pennsylvania View
11 Nino, California View
12 McDuff, California View
13 Walter, Texas View
14 Max, California View
15 Piper, Pennsylvania View
16 Lady, Pennsylvania View
17 London, Utah View
18 Sadie, Utah View
19 Lexxi, Pennsylvania View
20 Maci, Pennsylvania View


Sydney, Massachusetts View
22 Cocoa, Pennsylvania View
23 Riley, Pennsylvania View
24 Barkley, Pennsylvania View
25 Trixie, Pennsylvania View
26 Onyx, Nebraska View
27 Lupin, Florida View
28 Gunner, Washington View
29 Beau, South Carolina View
30 Auggie, New York View
31 Candi, Florida View
32 Daisy, New York View
33 Pheobe, South Carolina View
34 Daisy, California View
35 Gizmo, Maine View
36 Patty Cake, Pennsylvania View
37 Gus, Ocoee, Florida View
38 Robbie, New York View
39 Curly, Florida View
40 Patrick, Florida View
41* Phoebe, Kansas View
42 Ike, Pennsylvania View
43 Nigel, Illinois View
44 Dior, Illinois View
45 Rizzo, Kansas View
46 Nicki, Utah View
47 3rd Place Winner

Rex, Kansas

48 Nova, California View
49 Vydia, Michigan View
50 Bridget, Michigan View

End of Page 1 of USA DIVISION ONLY Entries 1 to 50

Go to Page 2 of USA DIVISION ONLY Entries 51 to 100

Go to Page 3 of USA DIVISION ONLY Entries 101 to END

Go to International Division Entries

* This groomer is qualified to enter the contest, but cannot place as a winner.

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